Where We Take the Friction out of starting a Food Business

Kitchen Station is the home for starting and scaling food enterprises.

Our aim is to create a collaborative playground for Food Enthusiasts, Startups and Entrepreneurs to become giants of their creativity through access to our shared kitchen spaces, broad network of industry players and through enrollment for our skilling programs; Pan Academy and Apron Skilling. This is the platform for you to get in tune with the artistry of merging great ideas, fresh ingredients and exceptional business acumen to become Changemakers in The Culinary Industry.

Makers to Masters

Are you ready to become a titan of your culinary craft?

We are looking for entrepreneurs at all stages of a food business whether at prototyping, inception or at the runway of growth.

Chefs & Bakers


Food Startups


Culinary Trainers

Photo & Videographers

Baristas & Mixologists

Restaurants & Hotels

  • Start-up food businesses in need of their first kitchen
  • Home-based businesses that wish to legalize and grow their operations
  • Established businesses relying on difficult rental agreements
  • Established businesses looking to grow or reach a new market

Why Kitchen Station

We are more than just a shared Kitchen

Running a business is not easy, and when it's food related, there are even more challenges involved. We aim to simplify the process and let you focus on making the highest quality product possible.

By mitigating start-up costs and providing a nurturing environment food businesses have the ability to grow sustainably and stay in their communities. This is what we offer;

  • Strengthening food business projects through testing concepts, business development and specialized coaching
  • Holding training workshops and programs to provide access to a large network of food companies and mentors
  • Low-cost ecosystem services such as dry and cold shelf space storage, legal aid, packaging, label printing, distribution, crockery for events
  • Low-cost kitchen space in our shared and private commercial kitchens that can be rented daily, weekly or monthly. Instead of a formal lease that locks you into a facility for years, we offer time blocks to use when you choose.